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Automobiles are all about technology, right? Here in Brazil, the automobile industry represents about 22% of total Brazilian GDP. But what do you know about the latest technological advances in the automotive industry? We’ve brought you a summary of what you need to know about this intersection.


Where's the autonomous car?

The flying cars are not here – yet – but in the meantime, let’s have fun with the automotive technologies that will turn our regular car into an autonomous one.

According to the SAE, there are levels of autonomous cars ranging from 0 to 5, the first level being a car without any type of automation and 5 a totally autonomous car with no human interaction.

Every year and new car launch, the Brazilian automotive sector brings new information related to the automation of cars. Reverse Sensor, park by yourself Sensor, turning on the headlights without any click of the driver, but in other countries the cars are getting closer to the last levels of the scale. In Europe there are cars with sensors that won’t let the car cross the track without the driver using the turn signal, or cameras and sensors that see the car in front of yours and control the speed of your car so you don’t get close to the front car, reducing the number of accidents.

Hybrid and Electric cars

The environment also plays a role for the automobile manufacturers, who are increasingly investing in electric cars. The first ideas and prototypes were developed in the United States and Japan, countries which the automotive industry got concerned about the end of oil, which, in addition to damaging the environment, is becoming more expensive each year.
The technologies behind electric vehicles are not only the equipments, but also the softwares inside the car that help to improve the quality of its operation. Nowadays, the main discussion is that the power of the electric car is not as good as the combustion car, but with the development of adequate programs and equipment, this can be left behind.
In addition, there are hybrid cars that use other types of energy for operation such as renewables (biofuel, ethanol, etc.) or with alternative propulsion systems (electric, fuel, hydrogen etc.).

Venturus Development

Having vehicle information online, providing diagnosis of the driver’s profile and knowing its exact location are the wishes of several companies and individuals. Our innovation team has developed an OBD-II dongle that allows us to read the vehicle information (via CAN and K-Line) and transmits via cellular network (2G, 3G, LTE / CAT-M) to the Cloud.

In addition, dongle information such as GPS location and accelerometer, can help to create a profile of the driver. This device also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity protected by a security module, ensuring the integrity of the car.
And have you ever heard of Android Auto? When we talk about smartphones and vehicles, one of the main concerns is the attention of drivers. Thinking about it, Google has launched Android Auto, which allows applications to use the multimedia interface of the car itself. At Venturus, we use our Android know-how to create Android Auto applications that integrate the automotive market, secure mobility, and ease of use.

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