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Agribusiness and Technology: Transforming Results


Agriculture is the sector that most influences the Brazilian economy, it has a share of about 12% in the GDP and approximately 20% of Brazil’s exports, in addition to being the area that needs to grow the most in the following years because of the growing amount of people on the planet and, consequently, food needed for all of them. Therefore, agribusiness is being transformed with the technological development that is being implemented so that the production increases and improves, whether in the branches that are agriculture, cattle, etc.


Applied technologies

At Venturus, we are always looking for the future technologies that will be trending in the market.

For this, we developed the Venturus Radar, a study which a group of employees gather the technologies that will be most used in our main verticals.

That’s why we have set a list of technologies that will be a must for our world!

One of the most used technologies is precision farming, which uses platforms and sensors to acquire data that, in the old method, could not be achieved, increasing the productivity in agriculture. An example of this is the sensors installed inside greenhouses that monitor temperature, humidity and other information that the farmer finds necessary for the type of food being planted.  

In the past, the farmer had no way of knowing how much nutrient his planting was receiving or the correct amount of water so that the food would not spoil due to lack or excess of water. Now, with even smaller and more sensitive sensors, the farmer is able to apply them in places that need specific, real-time measurement and information.  

A large rural producer has many kilometers of land, and it was almost impossible to analyze each land delimited within the total area. With the drones, he can fly over the whole extension of the farm taking pictures of each area and then analyzing through the technology of Machine Learning, which is the best land for planting, cattle or care.  

One agricultural production will never be the same as another, so with the information from other plantings and the use of sensors and other technologies in the field, the producer can estimate and make quick and assertive decisions with the crossing of information and analysis of artificial intelligence.   

All this information could not be stored in a spreadsheet difficult to understand, everything is in the cloud, helping the producer to have access to the information and making possible for him to activate remote commands.   

The investment in new technologies grows

According to CBAP, Executive Secretariat of the Brazilian Commission of Precision Agriculture, about 67% of the agricultural properties in Brazil already make use of some type of technology, either in the area of business management or in direct activities of cultivation and harvest.  

As we have shown, the technological solutions can be simply the storage of information collected in the cloud, or even a whole system of sensors and mechanisms that controls and makes decisions based on the details collected.   

The investment means that the chance of making a wrong or delayed decision won’t happen, increasing the farmer’s productivity. 

Venturus in the field

And how can we, Venturus, help you? We have the expertise in cutting-edge technologies to help you and to co-create the best solution to solve your problem. We have some examples of partnerships with agribusiness like Bosch and Bull Green.   

With our partner Bosch, we brought to life the platform known as LiveStock. We were chosen by the company to develop and cross all the information that the platforms, which are installed in the field, receive and show in the best way to the farmer all the information that they need to know, like the genetic history of the animal, its weight, health and other information that the scale is able to capture with the help of an electronic earring.  


And with Bull Green, we helped to create the software that analyzes photos taken by a drone, through which the program analyzed the size and color of the pasture and indicatied where was the best place for the cattle to be moved. Nice, huh?   


Interested? Get in touch with us. Let’s develop the future together! 😉

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