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Technological Advances Applied to Healthcare

Medicine is perhaps one of the areas that has been increasingly receiving more and more technological advances, from diagnosis and prevention to the management system, helping the health professional and the lives of patients.

In hospitals, clinics and offices of the future – not far away – electronic medical records will be a basic thing compared to the devices that will be available to professionals in the area, like the carrying out of examinations, diagnosis and cure of diseases, whatever they may be.


The future of medicine

We selected some of the new technologies that will change medical practice. Health can benefit greatly from the advances in technology in this industry.

The Internet of Things is already everywhere and in medicine it would be no different. This technology helps health professionals to integrate equipment. The IoT in the health works through sensors and monitors, one of its applications can be in the vaccine refrigerator, monitoring the amount of vaccines, temperature and the expiration date.

How about simply scheduling an appointment online? This is one of the several applications that artificial intelligence may have in the area of health. It will be possible to talk to the chatbot which will assist you in the first diagnoses to redirect you to the best doctor. In addition, chatbots can be used in health institutions to assist the physician with accurate imaging and diagnosis.

Much is said about technology in health and the benefits that would really make a difference in the patient’s life. Have you ever thought about getting to a hospital and with only your ID Card, for example, having all your medical history for the doctor to review? Your “virtual self” can be called Digital Twin, and with it, the doctor can analyze the reactions of some types of medicine in your body, or how much time it would take for you to recover from surgery, all with the help of technology.

As you have seen in Digital Twin, Big Health Data will be responsible for storing all your information so that the doctor can see your record and even calculate the probability of the disease cure depending on the type of medicine used. Wouldn’t that be great? No worries about side effects.

And what about having the result of a magnetic resonance at any place you are? With Telemedicine, the clinic will not need to print the exam and deliver it to you, everything will be on the cloud and you and your doctor will be able to access it.

Our solutions

Venturus is already known for its innovative ideas and strong partnerships with companies from different branches. In the field of health would be no different. We have the capacity and expertise to assist in the creation of innovative solutions in medicine. Our goal is to co-create with our partners through Human-centered Design using  cutting-edge technologies. Curious about what we do? So let’s go.

In a partnership with Canon we developed a software called Print Server. The project was based on developing a system capable of receiving images sent from medical devices such as resonance, tomography, ultrasound, x-ray, or even from a PACS server and print such images on conventional printers, that is, the same but also with additional features such as the ability to select multiple print layouts, allow small print editions before printing, and headers and footers.

And our partnership with Canon is not restricted to this project, we were also partners in the making of Innervision, a hardware capable of monitoring the medical equipment from any place that people are. For this type of innovation, the IoT technology was used, that is, there were several sensors installed in the equipment, and through Innervision hardware, the person could follow the status of the machine, when it it needed maintenance, among other information that, through the crossing of sensor data, could be achieved.

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