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Means of Payment:
What they are, their applications and Future


Technological advances are increasing more and more, and the technologies in means of payment wouldn’t be different. Do you remember when it was necessary to withdraw money to go to a street market, party or even to a store when you needed to buy something?

Nowadays, you can find a card machine in more than 5 million retail stores throughout Brazil, according to the Brazilian Association of Credit Card Companies and Services (Abecs), meaning that there is no longer an excuse not to have cash to buy popcorn in the area near your home.


means of payment

After all, what are "means of payment"?

The name reminds us a lot of what we hear when we are going to make a purchase at a store, “what is the payment method?”, But in reality, payment means are companies that that are responsible for helping businesses making the transactions. And the e-commerce in online shopping (goodbye, bank slip!).

There are a number of companies that assist in the intermediation of payments from physical stores, these same companies are the owners of the technologies that are inside the payment gateways, technical name for the card machines. These companies develop the technology, test and then sell to the issuing banks, ie MasterCard, Visa, Elo, among others that exist worldwide.

It is important to remember that these machines that read and transmit the information on the purchase of products, cardboard and user information are validated and certified by ANATEL, did you know?

means of payment

What comes around?

For the best experience in concerts and even during outdoor activities, banks are investing in payment wristbands. The accessory has a chip with your bank details and, depending on the usage, you can set the price of the transaction. You will walk in the park only with your bracelet, and in the end of your activity you can buy coconut water using the bracelet with no need of entering a password.

This technology has long been our partner, but now it’s applied to the shopping experience. Being used to ease payment, you go to a restaurant and at the end of the meal, you use the QR Code reader of the application to pay.

Virtual accounts and digital wallets are coming with everything and they may be a transformation of the bank as we know them. The Digital Account has been growing for two main reasons: less bureaucracy and fees; and also the ease of companies and physical people have the money

This payment technology integrates multiple applications into a payment terminal. Usually the card machine only makes payments, but with new technologies it is now possible to add existing applications (transport, purchase of tickets, etc.) or an app especially developed for a retail type. The terminal has Android system installed on it, so there is the possibility of this integration.

This technology also exists in the Narrowband, the first item of the list. With it you can pay with the credit or debit card without having to enter it in the machine and with no need to enter the password. Way more practical.

And all of this already exists in Brazil!

Our cases

Are you looking for innovative solutions to your problem? See what we have already developed and get in touch to co-create with us!

Referring to Smart POS technology, we have created the P & L, Processing and Settlement Platform. This program works for sub-buyers or buyers who want to expand the range of services offered on their card machines. You can make payments, but you can track inventory, check all transactions, and add activities that fit the bill.

And for all of this, we can’t forget the homologation of the machines, right? We have one of the best certification laboratories in the area, providing services to companies such as GetNet, Stone and other centers such as CPQD and Eldorado.

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