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Water, energy, basic sanitation. Without these things we can’t live, right? These are some of the many Utilities that we use to survive and that are basic conditions in a society, you may know very well that when one of them has a problem, it’s gonna end up in complete chaos. Technological advances are helping the Utilities area for monitoring, maintenance and storage, depending on their use.


5 technological aids for Utilities

With Cloud technology, the storage and processing of user information become more secure and with the help of Big Data, the history and crossing of information can be used to improve the distribution of Utilities such as water, energy, among others.

It can be applied for the benefit of both the end user and the company, IoT has several applications in the world of Utilities. It can be installed in a power box for monitoring in real time and presenting to the user for its control. In companies, they can be used in machinery for the status of each machine, lighting, humidity, maintenance, energy consumed or generated per year.

This technology is relatively new and still rarely used in Brazil, but it has already been applied in countries such as Germany. It helps to track energy, for example, to calculate the amount of energy that should be consumed by a house with a hypothetical number of people, generating and charging the amount stipulated in that data survey.

The UCA, which stands for Utility Consumption Analysis, is set to identify wastes of water, gas, electricity, and other utilities.

Intelligent industrial operation is a group of technologies that helps companies that provide the utility service to view in real time all the operations that happen in the company and take immediate decisions like stopping one Machine or by changing the traditional process of some system.

Need a little help?

We at Venturus are prepared in every technology-related to co-create with you the best solution to your problem. Do you want to know what we have already done for the Utilities area?

With IoT, we developed a software that makes it possible to detect water leakage in the distribution system. This company from Campinas area came to us with the challenge of solving the water leakage problem, for which we installed sensors integrated to the support system of detection of leakage of water. In addition, we also used computational intelligence and pattern recognition, digital signal processing, and other technologies in this challenge. So it was possible to develop a software which the water system employee or even the customer could report where there was a leak, improving the fixing time and having less waste of water.

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