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Artificial Intelligence

Discover new paths and boost growth with Artificial Intelligence

Benefits for your business

Improve profitability and transform business challenges with the endless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.

Operational efficiency

Automation of “human” tasks promotes cost reduction and increased productivity and brings greater agility and efficiency to operational processes.

Improvement of Products and Services

A deep understanding of internal or external customers’ behaviors and needs enables optimization and customization of products and services.

Competitive Differential

Data Analysis and the prediction of future events enable faster, more precise business decisions.

How do we do AI

Through preparation and hard work, we deliver high-quality Artificial Intelligence solutions. The solutions we create meet specific needs and generate real business value.

Our AI projects have two main phases:

What we do

Data Engineering

  • Offer access to sources (equipment, files, databases, APIs etc.) and data extraction;
  • Transform different formats so that data can be used in sets;
  • Build data repositories such as Data Lakes, Warehouses and Data Marts with data governance;
  • Use on-premises or cloud architectures;
  • Perform batch or real-time data scalable processing.

Analytics & BI

  • Create statistical graphics, reports and dashboards;
  • Business KPI analysis;
  • Data democratization with self-service BI tools such as Power BI.


  • Build models with machine learning and deep learning techniques;
  • Perfom supervised or unsupervised learning;
  • AutoML, ready-made models or model training;
  • In-production deployment and solution monitoring.

Deep Learning

  • Computer vision

    Apply traditional Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques to build models capable of identifying objects, people, management and actions in images and videos. This feature is widely used for the inspection and detection of anomalies.

  • NPL

    Produce models capable of understanding natural language in written and audio format and classifying identified information, including textual and verbal command analysis.


Data Laboratory with focus on Health

We have a collaborative project between Venturus specialists, professors and students from PUC Campinas.

We have created an Artificial Intelligence and Data Science application for Health to map epidemiological profiles, having the PUC-Campinas Hospital as the initial case.

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