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Demystifying the Digital Transformation

No matter what area you are in, it is very likely that you have heard about the digital transformation being applied to your industry and it really affects all sectors and you, manager, or decision-maker of a company, need to know what it is about and pay attention because the digital transformation may be closer than you think. 

We can separate the digital transformation into some levels. There is the change of something that was done on the paper that migrated to a spreadsheet, for example; also the automation of some internal or external process of the company; to companies that have been completely transformed by technological solutions. 

But before we dig deeper into this subject, it’s important to understand the benefits of this transformation, and why so many companies are talking about it, and of course, how Venturus can help you with it.
As said, these transformations that take place in the market are already known to us, such as the industrial revolution, changes in business models and more, the digital transformation would not be different, it has come to further improve the processes and business models that currently exist. 

With the new technologies that we have available and that companies implement for their transformation, there are gains in the areas of customer experience, operations and business processes. And whoever thinks the transformation is for B2C companies, it is coming to all companies! Products and services, HR, Industries and others.

Digital transformation

New technologies, new possibilities

Here are some of the technologies that have been applied in the digital transformation of companies from different areas. 

How about some examples to understand how they can be applied in your reality?

This technology is being increasingly implemented in our daily routine. They are objects connected to the internet and even integrated among them, for example smart watch with your smartphone, scale and so forth. IoT can be applied to many things in digital transformation, for example in agribusiness, automotive, manufacturing lines, utilities and even payments.

With the intelligence implemented in the machines, they may make decisions depending on the situation they find. There are assembly line machines that can stop the production alone or make changes if they realize that there is a problem in the line of production or its complement. Amazing, isn’t it?

And the AI does not work without Big Data, that is, all the information that the system can collect from that object that is connected to the Internet and the Cloud. With cross-information, companies are delivering far more results to their customers, for example. The user / customer experience gets better with the choice of data when the person that is using accepts to move it to the company.

All digital technologies are responsible for the automation of some internal or external process of the companies, one of the strengths of the digital transformation, facilitating and making more simple processors, since everything is interconnected with the Internet and the Cloud. There is no longer the problem of not being able to use a document because a colleague of your team is also using it.

Come and transform with Venturus

For over 20 years in the market, we are the first choice of our partners in the field of development and transformation. At Venturus, we co-create with our customers the best solution to their problem and rest assured, when talking about the latest technology, we are experts!

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