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Get to know our labs and the services of excellence in certifications, tests, trials and validations that only Venturus can offer you. 

For over five years, our laboratories have been equipped for various types of tests and trials. Here you can hire one of our services or have a test book tailored for your type of demand. 

Learn more about our structure. 

IoT Lab

Hardware Building

With your design in gerber format, we make your prototype in our LPKF equipment (drawing, function, component positioning and welding). Fast prototyping, in a confidential environment.  

Validation of IoT projects

We have equipment and methodology to test the performance (2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, 4G LTE, CAT-M1, NB-IoT, CDMA)communication (low signal levels, noisy signal etc.) and battery performance (duration, charging time, consumption). 

Mobile Communication Tests

We test communication on GSM, WCDMA, HSDPA, CDMA, LTE, CAT-M1 and NB-IoT technologies. We perform tests following the 3GPP standard: maximum output power, minimum power, ACLR, frequency error etc. 

Communication Protocol Tests

We validate whether the prototype is capable of functioning in a mobile network (network entry, network rejection behavior, handover types). 

Means of Payment Lab

System recertification tests

Validation of tests required by acquirers: behavior in case of network rejection, low signal level, user error message etc. 

Multi-operator simcard tests

Validation of network connection, data transmission and handover in different Brazilian operators (CLARO, VIVO, TIM, OI etc.) 

Battery Performance Tests

Battery life tests in various situations: high brightness, low brightness, WiFi on, bluetooth on, current consumption during transaction, charging time etc. 

Support for SW development and enhancement

Support for the development team using mobile network simulators so developers can test their code in the various situations that a real mobile network requires. 

Failure Analysis

Reproduction of failed tests in a certification, so that developers can have more data to correct it. Reproduction, in a controlled environment, of a failure in the field. 

Anatel Tests

We can perform the PoS modem tests required by Anatel.

Mobile Devices Lab

Operator Testing

We have mobile network simulators (cmw500, 8960 and 8475) and methodology to perform the tests required by mobile operators to purchase handsets. 

Functional tests

We have equipment and methodology to perform functional tests: SMS, CMAS, WAP Push, emergency calls, conference call, signal level etc. 

Parametric Testing (3GPP)

With equipment and methodology, we perform 3GPP standard tests on GSM, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSDPA +, LTE, CATM1 and NB-IoT technologies. 


IPv6 Tests

 We have equipment and methodology to perform IPv6 (3GPP, ETSI-TS, RFC) tests required by Anatel. 

Pre-certification tests (Bluetooth and WiFi)

We run WiFi and Bluetooth technology tests: frequency hop, transmit power etc. 

Climate testing

We have programmable climate chambers ranging from –40 to +150 degrees Celsius and humidity control ranging from 20% to 95%.


With our expertise applied to several markets, we are prepared to find and understand our customers and partners problems, co-creating the best solutions 

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