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Research & Development and Innovation

Venturus is one of the largest and most successful Science and Technology Institutes in Brazil. With over 25 years of experience and about 350 employees, we deliver Digital Transformation to companies in different fields, such as Agribusiness, Industry 4.0, Healthcare, Payment Methods and Utilities among others. Our developers work with projects in many lines of research.

Mobile Development

We are skilled in mobile developing, from Apps to the Android platform. Venturus is sought as an expert in iOS and Android app development, both native and cross-platform. We create secure and customized solutions for our clients.

Cloud Computing

We have an experienced team developing Frontend and Backend projects on major cloud platforms such as AWS and MS Azure. We also develop more complex solutions in .NET and Java, as well as the latest frameworks, such as React.js and Node.js.


Internet of Things

Through our laboratory’s extensive infrastructure, we work on IoT device projects, mainly with the latest technologies, such as LoRa, CATM1 and NB-IoT. In this line of research, we also work with embedded software development for these devices.


Data Science

We have several lines of research in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning projects, such as Bots, Cloud-Based Voice Services, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and others. Our projects have already brought innovation to customers in several fields, such as Industry 4.0, Agribusiness among others.


Augmented and Virtual Reality

We develop augmented reality solutions on both Android and IOS platforms. We also have projects in Unreal and Unity for solutions in Virtual Reality. In addition, we have experience in developing games and simulators on the latest platforms of Immersive Reality development.


Digital Twin

Our technical team is also focused on this new technology. Applying technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Cloud Computing, we can create Digital Twins of people, things, processes among others.


Painel de veículo autônomo e suas funções.

Robot Process Automation

We have a multidisciplinary team with expertise in several automation technologies (such as Python and Devops) that automates all business processes, for Venturus itself and for your company.


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