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Chatbot trends: understand what to expect for 2022

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Virtually the entire technological market has suffered a acceleration in your applications and structures with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. The whole world has made a race against time to adapt in order not to suffer even greater impacts from the imposition of a quarantine period. 

This event forced a good part of the population to work remotely and to make purchases by virtual means, accelerating a need that was already latent even before the pandemic restrictions for good full-time care. 

In this context, chatbots — programs that simulate a human attendant during a conversation through the Internet — are a facility for the service sectors of companies because they provide greater agility in solving customer problems.  

In addition, this technology dispenses a good part of the human resource necessary for the task, which, increasingly, is automated through processes of machine learning. They are the most varied modifications brought by the improvement of these technologies and that facilitate customer service around the connected world. Be this market is expected to reach almost 15 billion dollars by 2027 

In this way, it is very important to keep an eye on the trends for chatbots in the technology sector, even more so by observing their growth in recent years and the impetus that the pandemic brought, forcing adaptations of the financial market, the industry and service sectors. 

With these new needs, more solutions emerge and change the way these tools are able to improve the results of almost any business model. 

What are the main chatbot trends for the market in 2022?

The need for a customer service service, connected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, has grown. Therefore, in the coming years, technology companies should turn more and more attention to the development of solutions to this need. 

To show, in a clearer way, how these modifications are made currently and what to expect from news for next year, we list below some of the main trends for chatbots that the market has been developing — trends that we believe will be very important for the growth of your business. Know these news and do not stay out of them! 

Chatbots will be more humanized and learn by themselves 

Nowadays, it is possible to access a sales site of products or services and, when we need to remove certain doubt, we are helped by a robot that uses a artificial intelligence to answer certain questions. But this is not enough for a good part of the technology development market — every day, we have more and more research regarding how to make the service of these bots more like that of humans. 

To make chatbots service as human-like as possible, a variety of features are used that involve the processing of natural language (NLP) and predictive analysis methods – both with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. With the development of these areas of knowledge, the treatment of bots becomes more and more complete and complex. 

In the very near future, we will have solutions in which this process will be carried out in real time and the system itself, with the application of AI, will be able to see points of improvement, applying, alone, the optimizations necessary for the optimal service of that target audience. In this way, the bot itself keeps itself updated and continuously improving. 

So it will not be surprising that by the end of 2022, the process of identifying whether we are being serviced by a machine or someone else is — and very — hampered. 

Chatbot will be able to emotionally influence your customers 

Bots will be able not only to understand a consumer’s problem and solve it in the system, but something else. They may, for example, understand whether a user is satisfied or rather bothered by the provision of the service offered.  

This information will be extracted through your own conversations with him and linguistic analyses – such as those cited in the previous trend — and, also, will take into account his possible emotional aspects at that moment. 

All this will be possible with the use of various types of statistical analysis, with the help of a network of algorithms making use of real — time processes and various sources of information-even recent events identified on social networks, latest news and general characteristics of your purchases, such as products, preferred dates and times of interaction will be used for this task. 

So it won’t take long for chatbots to jointly perform retroactive analyses of your previous conversations and aspects of your personal life available at that time (both publicly and internally) to draw a rough profile of your current emotional state — and even some change in it that comes during the call. 

With this information being processed in real time, the software itself will decide how best to properly serve a given user with the intention of getting the most positive emotional reaction possible for the business. Certainly, this will be the highest level of automated personalization that we will reach by then with the use of these features on digital platforms by the end of 2022. 

When this possibility is realized in practice, it means that the bot itself can be programmed to report any problems to the system — to, for example, be provided a personalized contact with that dissatisfied customer, in order to solve in an amicable way any dispute — promoting, in this way, the best service and in the shortest possible time. 

Chatbot will be able to perform more types of online payment processes

When we shop at physical stores and pay by credit card, we are usually met by someone who charges us the amount due and authorizes us to proceed with the product. This process still needs some optimizations when dealing with service bots. 

But make no mistake about this: we are very likely to be very far ahead in this area next year. With each passing day, more autonomous payment models are created. 

Therefore, you can expect the realization of the most diverse types of transfer autonomously and with the help of chatbots in the most different places — not only in online commerce, but also in supermarkets, parking lots and shopping malls. 

These service mechanisms receive the most varied updates in a very accelerated way, becoming increasingly productive, autonomous and humanized. Its value in relation to consumer satisfaction about our products and services is almost immeasurable. 

This makes it important to always keep abreast of chatbot trends and information technology innovations that have the possibility of contributing positively to an optimized provision of our services in relation to a closer service to our client — leaving the company always updated with the best tools available for this function in the market.  

To help in this, you can count on the Venturus. Our company has been helping the most diverse business models to be ahead of their competition for years, through the improvement and modernization of their internal processes from research, development and applications in the technological area.  

Have a question or want to know more about how the modernization process can help your company in a world full of technology? Get in touch now and talk to one of our experts. Know that it will be a pleasure to serve you! 

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