Camera with Artificial Intelligence


One of the practices that our executives have at Venturus is to go to field to know the work place of our clients and partners, it was after one of these visits that they had the idea of the RailView experiment.

This customer is one of the largest logistics companies in Brazil and has a wide range of railways operating in the country. After a conversation with this client’s executives, a feasible solution was found to the very common problem on the railroad, that are objects too close to the rail.
The challenge was to detect unwanted objects close to the line (15 to 75 meters distant from the rail) such as illegal buildings, animals, traffic, people, and so on.
For this, equipments such as camera, raspberry board and GPS were bought and with the expertise in programming, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and image recognition, it was possible to put together all the data that each component generated and deliver the solution response that the customer needed.
The complete cycle would work as follows: the camera installed on top of the locomotive would record the image and in real time the software developed by Venturus would recognize the image and identify if it were one of the objects that the customer listed in the problem. The image would be stored locally and archived in the Cloud for remote and real-time tracking of any trip.
With the development of this experiment, we were able to put some of our expertise into practice and develop a proof of concept that can be used not only for railway companies, but also logistics in general, safety, among others.

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