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Get to know Venturus’ Mentoring Program

Here at Venturus, the development of our Ventureiros is top priority. We seek to strengthen our culture of learning through different initiatives. One of them is our mentoring program. With it, we combine experience with the desire to learn and everyone wins.

To introduce you to this initiative, we invited three Ventureiros who participated in this action from different points of view. Camila Anunciação, Lúcio Duarte and Edson Pereira will tell us how Venturus’ mentoring program was born, how it currently works and what benefits it brings to our community.


A mentoring program is born…

This program was born from a practice that already existed in Venturus: looking for a colleague to ask for tips or even mentorship. “We thought, then: why not make it official and create a program with people responsible for finding potential mentors and being the bridge between them and with mentees?”says Camila.

The initiative got off the ground with the creation of a focus group with different people from the company. The whole program was designed with great care, and in 4 months it was presented in full detail to the Ventureiros and Ventureiras. Right off the bat, it was very well received.

In fact, Camila is part of the department that was assigned the development of the mentoring program. It is in HR that the magic really happens. For her, this initiative complements career development, gives freedom to people to be able to choose a specific topic — both to improve and to learn something new.

“The program was created to foster a learning culture, to be a bridge between people with a desire to share and those who wish to learn, regardless of whether we are talking about hard skills or soft skills”, adds the analyst.


The program working

Our Mentoring Program works with group effort

Great, but how does it work in day-to-day life? Relax, we’ll explain. It all starts with the “training” of mentors. A Ventureiro who wants to be a mentor needs to take a few steps. First, take a specific training for mentors and go through a planning meeting with Camila’s team.

With these steps completed, the person receives the Mentor Kit, which contains a manual for the mentor, a list of tips and personalized cover photo to be used at Workplace and facilitate identification by other employees.

“We created a hall of mentors, which is published every 15 days on the company’s Workplace. We provide information such as who our mentors are and what skills they are offering to mentor people in. So people who can find the skills they want and get in touch”, explains Camila.

Edson, one of our Operation Managers, is a mentor in Project Management, Leadership, Certifications and Studies and People Management. He states: “now, I am sought by people wanting to know how many mentees I currently have and if they can expect to participate in my mentoring”. Incredible, right?


A real exchange

It’s not just the mentee that grows in the mentoring program! Lúcio, a Developer at Venturus, offers mentorship in Leadership, Consultive Sales and Communication. He was Edson’s mentor and says that the mentors also develop themselves and learn in this mission. For him, the experience of mentoring is very rewarding, with the process of constant support and a lot of exchange.

“I understand that the mentoring process should be built to help and guide the mentee to achieve a specific goal. It can be done through thought provoking questions, relevant materials, sharing of experiences seeking a fluid exchange of ideas”, Lúcio points out.

To him, each mentoring process is unique, even if topics are similar. “When we talk about experiences, we understand that each mentee has its own, which has been shaped them over the years.”

Edson also considers mentorship a very experience very. He says that, as a mentee, he finished the process with the feeling of adding a block of knowledge to his repertoire. Through a lot of theory, reading recommendations and conversations with his mentor, he managed to put this knowledge into practice.

“My curiosity was answered and I found in Lúcio a person I can count on for many other situations. I met him through the program. I recommend it to all Ventureiros,” he adds.


The impact for Ventureiros and Ventureiras

The Mentoring Program brought new energy to the company

Currently, there’s even a waiting line for mentoring, did you know? According to Camila, there are always people letting her know they have already finished training to be a mentor or to tell that they are in a waiting list to be mentored by a specific colleague.

“Being able to participate in all phases of this project, from the idealization to the present fills me with pride of our employees. It’s very clear that we have a very strong culture of learning and sharing,” she adds.

And the numbers of the program exalt this success: so far, we have 38 active mentorships and 26 pairs who have already finished mentoring. Without this desire for continuous learning from Ventureiros and Ventureiras, the program would not have worked.

To Camila, it’s all very gratifying. She says: “it warms my heart. I see that we are on the right track and it lives up to our motto which is: you grow, I grow”.

Interested in Venturus’ mentoring program? In case you have this same thirst for knowledge and constant personal and professional development, Venturus may be the ideal place for you. Come grow with us!

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