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How tech communities work

In order for a business to function well, many factors must be considered. One of them, without a doubt, is to integrate employees to share knowledge. It is essential for business growth in the face of challenges, as well as for the professional and personal development of employees. With this in mind, Venturus created our Technology Communities.

Want to learn more about how this type of community works and find out how they impact Venturus’ results? Continue reading and check out the information provided by Priscila and Marcelo, Education and Technology Managers at Venturus, respectively.

Let’s go!


What are tech communities?

Our Tech Communities are groups of people with similar interests or roles. Their focus is on learning in a group setting. By getting together, these professionals can exchange tips, experiences, knowledge and strengthen ties with co-workers, something that also strongly benefits the company.

According to the interviewees, Venturus decided to introduce tech communities in the company to further strengthen one of its organizational pillars: the culture of learning.

The strategy was to create a dynamic and agile system to produce and share technical knowledge that would generate value for Venturus and its workers.

Cool, right?


What is the purpose of a technology community?

The main purpose of tech communities is to foster knowledge among people who are part of the same role within the company or, even, have interests in developing skills in more specific areas.

The exchange of experiences and knowledge is invaluable to the company and its employees, allowing everyone grow together and, thus, be much more productive and engaged in their own work in that environment.


Tech communities are colaborative study groups

Tech communities are colaborative study groups


In addition, the organizational climate is improved, as everyone can engage in deeper relationships and get to know each other’s work style better. With this, customers also gain, receiving much more interesting projects and with the vision of several people. Thus, the employees’ inspiration becomes greater, from the constant exchange of ideas.


What are the benefits of this type of community?

Some of the benefits of this type of strategy are:

  • team engagement;
  • increased group knowledge;
  • inspiration for new projects;
  • projects meeting to customer expectations;
  • constant self-improvement;
  • practice-oriented learning, among others.

In addition, as mentioned previously, the meetings promoted in tech communities help those involved to improve their relationship as a team, turning the conversation more fluid and communication optimized between people from different sectors. This reduces communication issues and produces results that meet expectations in a much better way.


What types of communities are there at Venturus?

According to Priscila and Marcelo, there are 14 technological communities in Venturus. They are:

  • Android;
  • Data Science;
  • iOS;
  • Node;
  • QA;
  • React;
  • UI;
  • Computer Vision;
  • .Net;
  • Java;
  • Design OPS;
  • Cloud;
  • Cybersecurity;

In addition to these groups focused on technologies, there are other communities and cells, such as Soft Skill, Leadership and Design. Virtually every sector of the company has its own groups and there is room for even more growth.


How do the communities actually work?

The communities operate with meetings held every two weeks between their registered members. These meetings can come in the form of tech talks, study groups, short courses, bootcamps, workplace interaction, and more.

Meetings are offered, in large part, via the Teams platform. Each of them carries a unique theme, which is decided by the gathered members. Thus, a list is generated among all participants and topics are excluded as they become an agenda for the meetings.

During the meetings, the idea is that everyone can participate, bringing their opinion on the topic or, even, some personal experience that can enrich the debate, making those present inspired and keen to learn more about the subject. Thus, all projects, although individual, begin to have the “Venturus” feel.

In addition, there are presentations that aim to bring information and generate discussions that make members more up-to-date and reflect on the challenges and innovations of technology in the current scenario. And the coolest thing is that communities can make presentations in other groups, letting everyone get know each other better.


How does the management work?

The whole hierarchy of communities is very well defined, even if it is not a power structure, but rather an organization so that the flow is not obstructed by noise in communication.

According to Venturus managers, each community has a Chapter Leader and two supporting figures. Their main responsibilities are:

  • ensuring the definition of strategies for the community;
  • promoting the exchange of ideas;
  • following up on the members’ demands, generating ideas to meet them, among others.

For better management and uniformity in the conduct and preparation of the actions of all communities, there is a monthly meeting between all Chapter Leaders. In this meeting, they account for their roadmap, exchange best practices, answer questions and align everything that is discussed and/or done in their community.


Is it difficult to participate in the tech communities at Venturus?

No, the community engagement process is open to all employees. In some cases, even people from different groups can be part of these meetings, if they are interested in the topic being addressed.

According to the interviewees, every community has a group on Workplace, Venturus’ internal social network. Thus, it is enough for the interested member to access the desired community, register and participate in the scheduled meetings. Simple as that!

Have you liked to the technological community at Venturus? We hope so! This type of strategy is extremely advantageous for companies and has brought very interesting results to our corporate day to day.

Now, how about following Venturus on social networks and always be well informed about what happens in our corridors? See you there Facebook, in Instagram, in YouTube and LinkedIn!

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How tech communities work

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