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Lockdesk: the software for the return to the office 

After over a year of the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, much has changed. To protect their employees and communities, most businesses have opted, wherever possible, for remote work. At Venturus, it is no different: we have been working from home since March 2020 (for those that can perform their activities remotely). 

The pandemic coincided with a moment of change and growth in our company. Thus, it influenced our choice of a new work model, more flexible and fluid, that would allow everyone to work in the best possible way, respecting everyone’s individual needs. We have refurbished our space with this in mind, including open co-working spaces and free workstations, which can be occupied by any Venturus employee. 

Faced with these changes, it was necessary to think about our new routine. That is where arose the need for an easy and simple way to organize the use of our physical space. Market research, both national and international, brought us few options. Most were older solutions, very bureaucratic and , at times, quite confusing. We saw an opportunity to innovate. We developed an in-house product to meet all our needs, without compromising any side of the equation. The result is Lockdesk! 


Lockdesk is a view-centered, uncomplicated and instant workstation management system. The focus of the solution is usability. It is fully online, responsive and adapted to work on mobile devices. Using PWA technology, Lockdesk can be saved in any smartphone’s app area, making it even easier to use.  

In a few steps, you can make your reservation, simply select your desired date and room. Workstations are presented on the room map. In addition to workstations, the map shows the layout of the room, to help you locate yourself. By clicking on a workstation, you can see who has booked that table — thus, it is easy to sit near specific colleagues, to speed work up and make the most of each face-to-face interaction. 

With the workstation selected, your space has already been booked! On the day of the booking, you just need to check-in. To check-in, there are two options: with the workstation code, which can be entered into the system itself or, if you have the mobile version of Lockdesk, you can just read the QR code on your workstation. 


Lockdesk has different functionalities for Administrator users. This type of user can create and edit rooms. When creating the room, administrators select the desired area — which can be a floor or a separate space, depending on the floor plan of the building — and draw the new room within this area.  

Inside the room, they can add workstations according to their arrangement in the space, so that they mirror the office. In addition to workstations, administrators can also add architecture elements to fill in the rest of the space.  

Administrators can include icons that represent walls, doors, and objects that help characterize the room, such as meeting tables and decorative items. This process is very simple and intuitive, as Lockdesk offers the items and the user can just drag them to the desired position in the room.  

In addition to creating and editing rooms, administrators also have access to usage data collected by Lockdesk. The solution provides reports with information such as number of users, room usage and check-in. This information allows administrators to have both a general idea and a specific view of office usage, allowing improvements in Venturus internal processes, as well as insights for future improvements to Lockdesk itself. 


Right now, some of our workstations are unavailable — one of the prevention measures against the transmission of the Coronavirus —, because the Lockdesk system distributes people according to the distancing recommended by the health organs automatically.  

In addition to the distancing aspect, each room also has a limit of allowed users per day, which may be less than the number of available seats. That is: you can choose where you want to sit and do not have to worry about safety and hygiene measures, they have already been considered by the system.  

How Lockdesk was developed 

Lockdesk was entirely developed by FTI, Venturus’ Technology and Innovation Forum. It has a team dedicated to exploring what is newest in technology and bringing that innovation to Venturus. We carried out the entire process to develop Lockdesk, from ideation to testing (and, now, use).  

We started with an idea and, with our design team, we were able to validate this idea and study what our needs were for this product. That is how we came to Lockdesk, a solution that meets our needs clearly and visually, without unnecessary steps. 

To produce Lockdesk, the development team used Google’s Firebase platform. Firebase allowed the solution to be developed quickly, with several features already integrated — such as login by Microsoft, Google or Apple accounts — and with web and mobile versions delivered together. 

In addition, Firebase allows Lockdesk to respond in real-time. This is important for users, because they can see reservation changes in a room the instant they are made, ensuring there are no conflicts when selecting a workstation. 


Lockdesk is a simple and visual solution to the problem of workstation bookings in shared spaces. It was developed within Venturus, in response to our need to reorganize our way of working without creating new challenges and bureaucracies — supporting our goal of finding new, more flexible and inclusive work models. 

In order to do this, the system allows its users to see a map of the rooms and to choose their workstations according to their positioning in the room. The system comes with rules that ensure that the necessary health measures are taken automatically.  

Lockdesk also has flexibility, enabling real-time updates. This means that, in the future, as Covid-19 prevention measures relax, corresponding changes can be adopted in the app immediately and fluidly, without causing inconvenience to the our employees. 

Lockdesk is in a constant process of evolution, always receiving improvements. Considering the current scenario, we decided to expand its capabilities beyond Venturus’ immediate needs. We know that many co-working spaces and offices can find themselves in the same situation as us: they need a solution to manage their workstation bookings.  

Thus, we are looking for partners who want to test Lockdesk and provide feedback so that we can make it even better. If you are interested in being part of this partnership, please contact us via our email: contato@venturus.org.br

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