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Do I have a profile for the technology field?

The technology field is growing and has a lot of room for professionals who want to start working on this universe. Universe that, contrary to what many believe, goes far beyond programming.

Since it is such a broad field, it is worth noting that technology is multidisciplinary. Developers, test analysts, software architects, designers, scrum masters and data analysts are just a few of the many professionals who can make up teams focused in tech.

Still wondering if technology has a place for you? Let us help you find out more.


After all, is there a right behavioral profile for the technology area?

That old stereotype that tech people are always introspective is not a rule. Due to the fact that technology has infinite possibilities and needs professionals with diverse knowledge, there is also room for people with different behavioral profiles. So whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, there is a place for you in technology.

It’s worth noting that technology companies are increasingly recognizing the power of having a diverse team in every aspect, not just in the behavioral realm. Diverse people have distinct backgrounds and can help find creative solutions that more homogeneous teams probably wouldn’t find so easily. Nice, huh?

In the end, what really matters is whether or not you have any of the key skills and attitudes that technology professionals need to have to face the challenges of this field.


What skills and attitudes does the technology sector demand?

Good tech professionals may have slightly different behavioral profiles, but they often have very similar attitudes and habits on a day-to-day basis.

Being a curious, logical, organized and eager to learn person is part of this routine and we can guarantee that it makes all the difference.

Below, we’ll tell you what are the soft and hard skills you really need to take the challenges of the letter technology area.


Organization is key

When working with technology, you will need to deal with a variety of company methodologies and tools. This is because, in addition to the habit of the organization being necessary in itself, technology teams usually have as part of their day-to-day several task management tools such as Trello, Jira and Asana, as well as agile methodologies such as Scrum.

You do not need to familiarize yourself with all this now, but it is interesting to understand the basics of having a North, in case you decide to start your journey in tech.


Team work is a must

Okay, there are technology professionals who work alone, but teamwork is often part of the routine of most. Therefore, it is essential that you seek to develop your soft skills related to this dynamic.

Proactivity, communicativeness, patience, collaborativeness and a sense of belonging are really very important and will allow you to achieve better solutions with your colleagues, as well as decrease (and a lot!) the noise in the communications between you.

Without these skills, the experience of working on a technology team becomes much more difficult.


Having an analytical eye makes all the difference

Being analytical is one of the most important things for anyone who wants to work with technology. This gaze will allow you to look at each process and delivery objectively, removing guesses and personal beliefs from the process.

This brings a huge advantage when it comes to identifying points for improvement, not to mention that with this well-developed analytical side, you will find assertive solutions much easier.


It is necessary to know how to solve problems logically

Like all areas, the technology sector deals with problems and challenges on a daily basis. But, in order to get the best out of all this, it is very important to be calm and know how to observe events logically, without letting yourself be knocked down. After all, with a routine as hectic and dynamic as that of a professional tech, there is no doubt that logical reasoning is the best means to find effective solutions faster.


Knowing math makes everything easier

Even if you choose to work in a branch of technology that does not require the direct use of mathematics so much, having a solid foundation of this knowledge will make all the difference. Mathematical knowledge greatly favors the logical thinking that we talked about earlier.

In addition, mathematics also helps to deal with data, statistics and number systems — and all of these are part of the life of those who work with tech, to a greater or lesser extent.


Keep up to date with the field

Do you often study and update yourself professionally? If the answer is no, it’s worth starting to set aside a few hours per week to create this habit. It must be kept in mind that the technology area is extremely dynamic. Updates in programming languages, new methodologies and tools appear all the time.

So, you can’t push your studies aside, right? The good news is that there is useful content in many formats — from podcasts to articles — that can be your great allies if you bet on a career in technology.


Make connections

The technology community is very collaborative. Don’t be afraid to interact and ask questions! If you have a more reserved profile, this may even sound a little scary, but know that it is very common to see people in this area looking for other professionals to exchange learning.

Therefore, connecting and meeting people who can help you on your journey will be relatively simple. And the best thing: relying on the tips of more experienced people will certainly make your journey easier.


“Just seek knowledge”

ET Bilú "Apenas busquem conhecimento"

ET Bilú already said in 2010: seek knowledge.

If you really want to work in the field of technology, do not be alarmed if, throughout this article, you have found a large number of skills that you need to learn.

Be a curious person: research, inform and improve hard and soft skills more important to work in the area. This way, you will have a good foundation to start with and you can become a great professional in the future.

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