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QA tests: 3 Mistakes To Avoid at Work

Launching a product without QA Testing not only generates more costs, but also affects a brand’s reputation. According to the study The State of Consumer App Habits, about 34% of smartphones users delete an app when they encounter some kind of bug.

On the other hand, by identifying these common mistakes and learning how to avoid them, you and your team will be able to deliver even better results. We are going to show you how to achieve this. So, let’s go:


1. Define the QA scope (sounds obvious, right?)

One of the most common mistakes among Quality Assurance professionals is not understanding the scope of their work. We say this because this profession requires a mix of different roles and the knowledge of the importance of each of them.

Functional tests, for example, are the core of QA. However, there are many other areas that should be taken into account during the process, such as Performance Tests, Safety & Security Tests, Regression Tests and so on.

In addition, this knowledge prevents you from leaving the tests till the end of the project and doing everything in a rush. Which certainly increases the likelihood of mistakes, as you end up skipping over important steps, such as checking the quality of the code.

So, understand your scope to make sure that everything is agreed correctly with clients. At these moments, it is important to stand up and show that the planning was set up thinking about the best results. Otherwise, it’s as they say around: at some point, the bill is due!


2. Give well-deserved value to project documentation

We think our memory can handle everything, but it can’t! Therefore, it is very important to document the course of the project and tests in detail. Specially to know if it is evolving or if something may be hindering its performance.

In order to do this, someone from the Quality Assurance team must be responsible for analyzing all the requirements and functionalities that have been documented before the tests actually begin. Thus, each professional clearly knows what their tasks will be and will be able to check the document when doubts arise about who does what.

And it has more benefits!

  • When you log the process of specific tasks, errors such as testing the same function multiple times for no reason are avoided;
  • Reporting bugs found in a didactic way facilitates the search for solutions, as well as reducing misunderstandings and possible delays in the development of the project;
  • If everyone knows what each person is doing, it is much easier to find the source of a flaw and, accordingly, what needs to be done to fix it.


3. Don’t focus solely on automated testing

Another habit that is very common among QA professionals is to always use the same tools.

One of them is automation. There are several areas of software testing that do not need constant human supervision, such as regression, reloading, and performance. Especially when time is short.

However, we cannot always count on it, as an automated test does not always take into account all variables. Take, for instance, your performance on a rainy day, when the internet fluctuates a lot.

In addition, there are automation tools that are not open source, so it is important to analyze whether they will actually work in the test in question. If not, in the end, it will all come to nothing.

Ideally, you should combine manual and automated tests. It is also interesting to look for tools that speed up manual testing, such as task management and test management. This will give greater visibility to your process.


While Quality Assurance is laborious and often stressful, it is a vital job and can be facilitated with some care and attention to detail. And, if you are looking for a place that encourages this culture, look no further!

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