What's Next for Industry 4.0


The term Industry 4.0 has been showing up a lot recently, but do you know what it really means? As most people know, there have been different industrial revolutions that changed the way of producing some type of product and have been adapted for others, if not all, manufacturing areas and assembly lines.
Nowadays, we are in Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, which is the implementation of high technology in the production line. There are many examples of applications, so we made a list for you to understand how each technology can be used in manufacturing.


Applied Technologies

At Venturus, we are always looking for the future technologies that will be the trend in the market.

For this, we developed the Venturus Radar, a study where one of our teams maps the technologies that will be most used in our main verticals.

That’s why we have created a list of technologies that will come with everything to our world!

  • Smart Space
“Smart Spaces”, are sites with embedded systems, that is, softwares that talk to each other and create an interactive environment. This type of space is best known in homes, which mainly use IoT (Internet of Things) to function, but the processes for installation in the industries that are integrating it are growing. Some examples are the softwares that monitor the temperature, humidity, and air circulation of sheds where there is product stock. The software can interact with different devices to balance the environment. Have you wondered about smart factories?
  • Smart Robots

It’s a fact that robots are already among us, but here they are not just robots that perform a repetitive or forbidding movement, they also think and make decisions using artificial intelligence. Some examples are robots in the packaging area that perform palletizing and tracking, AGV robot (autonomous guided vehicle) that transports material by the factory floor and robots used for quality inspection. Notice that they all make decisions through Artificial Intelligence.

  • Digital Twin

Digital twin is used in many areas, especially in Manufacturing. Its implementation consists on virtually replicating some machine, for example in the assembly line, which makes it possible to perform tests before applying anything to the real object. With the Big Data of the machine, it is possible to simulate how the real-time reaction will be and then make the decision to move the real object. This type of technology can also be applied in processes.

  • Collaborative Robot

One of the main features to be highlighted is the feasibility of inserting these helper robots among collaborators to execute high repetition tasks. The largest robot employers are in the automotive and electronics industries. There is also an increasing demand in the metallurgical, chemical, food and pharmacy.

  • Digital Manufacturing

The industrial automation is nothing more than the merge of several technologies so that the line of production is fully automated. An example is the paperless industry with the help of software, Big Data and integration with the Cloud, all digital verification and validation processes with no need to print any paper! Nature will thank you!

Transforming with Venturus

Venturus has a team specialized in industrial automation and can do for you today the critical analysis of the process, design and implementation of technologies to automate your manufacturing line. There are often opportunities for improvement that are not clear and a specialized team can quickly identify through studies and data analysis.

A large client from Campinas area came to us to look for help on developing a solution for preventive maintenance. They needed a solution to do preventive maintenance before the machine stopped working, affecting the entire production line. We teamed up and decided to use NFC Tags, Web System and Android app technologies to solve the problem. In the Web application, industry managers professionals register which are the maintenances, when they should be done and their responsible; NFC Tags were glued to the machines that should have maintenance performed; and the Android app on the phone has the whole process of maintenance that one needs to perform.
Have you ever thought about automating your production line? Come and develop the future with us! 😉

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