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Software development: learn about career options

Is the technology field for you? Are you interested in software development, but are not sure where to start? Let’s talk about the many possibilities in the software development universe.

Contrary to what many believe, software development is very diverse and needs professionals with different expertises — from QA to UI/UX design — to work together ro deliver better products. Let’s take a look at the main career options!


1. Coding

Coding is usually the first career option that comes to mind when we talk about software development, right? Coders are responsible for creating, developing, and maintaining software.

They are people who master coding logic and know several coding languages, such as Java, JavaScript, Node, Kotlin, Swift, among others.

Since coding requires ever-changing knowledge, people in the field need to have the habit of continuous study and to follow technology sector news and updates throughout their career. The challenges are many, but if you really enjoy coding, it could be the right path for your professional future.


2. Software testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

A software needs to undergo several tests during and even after its development.

Testers run these testes and help identify problems and propose solutions to make the final product more complete and efficient. Thus, it’s usually a good career option for people who are more detail oriented.

To start your testing career, it is essential to delve into quality requirements. From then, you can get a sense of the knowledge that is necessary to be able to identify errors and improvements during testing.

It is also worth mentioning that all software is developed based on requirements, which can be given by a client or a manager.

Therefore, the one who helps ensure that the final product conforms to past guidelines are the testers/QA professionals, who, in some specific cases, may also be referred to as a “requirements analysts”.

It’s a big responsibility, right? It means that, to pursue this career, it is essential to be analytical and know how to communicate assertively with people to give feedback in the best possible way.


3. UI/UX Design

We end our list of top careers in software development with a specialty that unites user experience with creativity and design Intelligence. UI/UX designers work to deliver solutions that go far beyond looking good and carry carefully planned elements to make the user experience much more enjoyable.

To deliver the best results, UI/UX designers need, in addition to knowing the techniques and tools to create designs, to understand user behavior.

Some professionals in this area even choose to go further and learn a little about neuroscience applied to UX. Amazing, huh?


What to do after choosing to pursue a career in software development

Start by researching courses and information about the basic knowledge you need to have to start the career you have identified with. And, if you still have questions, it is worth contacting someone who already works in the desired field.

The important thing is to focus on your goal, study hard and not give up on your dream of working in software development, even if you decide to change your focus later on.

The possibilities are endless and, as you keep learning, you can aim for other positions beyond those we have talked about here.

At Venturus, for example, we have software architects, agile leaders, tech leads, development managers, heads of technology, heads of product, among others. These are all positions and leadership roles that operate in driving projects, products, businesses and people.

Enjoyed our tips? Take the opportunity to check out the rest of our content about careers and activate our vacancy alert to know when there are opportunities in software development here at Venturus. 💜


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