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What you need to know about vnt/school?

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Created in 2020, vnt / school — the Corporate University of Venturus – aims to promote both the training and the development of technical and behavioral skills of technology professionals. 

With more than 25 years of experience, Venturus is an Institute of the technology segment that seeks to design the future with the co-creation of highly exclusive solutions for each partner and customer. With values focused on the culture of learning and delivery with excellence, knowledge sharing is in the blood of the company and, precisely for this reason, vnt/school was born. 

In this article, the aim is to further address the origins of vnt/school, its objectives, its differential, among other equally relevant information. For this, we have all the expertise of Priscila Maria Salvaterra Botto Barbosa, who is a training specialist and also responsible for the corporate university. Continue reading and understand everything that is interesting to know about this initiative! 

What is the origin of vnt/school? 

Initially, it is essential to point out that corporate universities were born from the need of the corporate education area to approach the strategic decisions of companies. The aim was to have a sustainable and competitive differential, continuous professional development and, therefore, the generation of results. 

In this sense, Priscila also points out that “it is a look at skills development not only to achieve a better performance in the current activities of employees, but, yes, for the future”. The idea is to have people ready for new projects and positions when such opportunities arise. 

What are the goals os this university? 

As the main objective of vnt / school, it is possible to highlight the promotion of capacity building and the development of technical and behavioral skills of technology professionals — contributing not only to entrepreneurs, but to the IT community as a whole, with trainings and events aimed at mixed and exclusively external audiences. That is, quality training is offered to the technological community and, consequently, there is a collaboration for the formation of new talent and an opening to the labor market. 

Priscila highlights, in this context, a survey conducted by Brasscom, which evidences such a need. The survey indicates that, in 2024, if there is no strong investment in the training of new professionals, it is possible that the technology area will present a gap of 260 thousand professionals. 

How are the competencies that vnt/school seeks to develop evaluated?

Priscila explains that, annually, a survey of organizational needs is made that indicate which training will be offered during the year. This survey is made from: 

  • strategic demands; 
  • technological radar; 
  • information contained in the Individual Development Plan (PDI) of the venturers. 

About the latter-the PDI -, it is interesting to note, even, that it is resumed annually, however, it is worked throughout the year. Employees go through the annual performance evaluation period and, from the notes raised (the strengths and those that require improvement) with the managers, actions or questions are selected to be worked on during the new evaluation cycle. 

After the survey and analysis of the materials that will be disseminated, the annual schedule of actions is structured. “During the year, if a need arises that was not initially indicated, we analyze it taking into account our strategy and then carry out or not the action”, score Priscilla. 

Why are vnt/school technical trainings a differential? 

“In our training actions, we seek to develop content that focuses both theory and practice”, Priscilla details. In addition, she adds that the performance is based on the 70/20/10 model and based on andragogy-education aimed at adults. 

The head of the Venturus corporate university also points out that there is a search for the co-construction of the actions with the students. Thus, the relevance of working on learning collaboratively is taken into account. 

From this perception, one of the biggest missions of this initiative, which is to disseminate high-quality technical knowledge, also gains visibility. This is because Venturus has as one of its cultural pillars the learning and, as one of its objectives, the recognition for technical excellence. 

The differentials os Venturus corporate university 

The head of vnt / school adds that the corporate university “its main differential is to be within a company that’ breathes ‘technology, with highly qualified people to disseminate their knowledge and who are in search of constant updating”. In this way, having content that is formulated by these experts makes all the difference, after all, there is a union of practical experience of the day to day with the theoretical basis. 

This ensures the delivery of a significant wealth of details — in addition to tips — for those who want to learn something new. 

What are the different audiences for which Venturus corporate university is nominated and why? 

Priscila states that vnt / school can serve the most diverse audiences interested in acquiring knowledge in technology. However, this depends, of course, on the strategy that is adopted in the construction of each course. The truth is that this issue is highly associated with the moment each person is on their professional journey. 

In this sense, she adds: “We can cater to technology students, people who are willing to migrate careers, senior professionals who want to update themselves or seek new knowledge, among others”. 

What is important to highlight about the courses offered? 

Internally, knowledge-sharing initiatives range from one — hour Tech Talks to learning trails-up to 60 hours of course-covering a variety of topics, such as: 

  • DevOps; 
  • Android; 
  • Scrum; 
  • Sprint Design; 
  • Java; 
  • Node; 
  • React; 
  • test automation; 
  • Cloud. 

The incentive for new knowledge to be acquired is constant. “For the external public, we also have our holiday program — Venturus4tech—, which had its 9th edition this year, addressing the React theme”, score Priscilla. She also points out that, over the course of the nine editions, there were about 1, 950 registrations, 300 trained students, 425 hours of classes taught and more than 35 hired. 

Still according to her, there was “for the community, several actions of Education Recruiting programs in partnership with ShareRH”. Among the topics covered were, for example, Kotlin, Node and Mobile: Android. In addition, there were more than 220 people trained. 

The expert in the trainings of the corporate University points out, including, that, next year, 2022, the launch of the Android course will take place, with ministry by venture capitalist Igor Escrodo. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from their concept to how apps are published on the Play Store. 

About the benefits that this novelty will bring to the IT community, Priscila says that they are very significant, highlighting, in conclusion: “development in the chosen career, preparation for the labor market, continuous and structured learning and contact with professionals ‘beasts’ in the subject to be shared”. 

As you could see, vnt/school, undeniably, was born to assist in the progressive demand that has been observed in the technology sector, empowering professionals and driving them to occupy more technical and specific positions. Sharing the values of Venturus focused on learning culture and technical excellence, the corporate university contributes to a continuous evolution of the area. 

Then what? Are you interested in knowing more about how we act to develop the future, always in search of the new and making tomorrow happen today? Then, contact us now! 

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